Still alive.

I'm still alive. Struggling, juggling responsibilities, completely fed up with the stupid thesis and the stupid translation... I am so horrible at translating. I am ashamed at how many words I still need to look up, though in my defense, this is an academic text on Arai Hakuseki's view of historiography. Fun stuff. All thirteen pages of it. :p

I have to be done with everything on May 6th. I am bloody nervous, I can tell you. I need to be done with the thesis in about a week, because it has to go to the printer too.

Wish me luck, think of me, and forgive me if I've been neglecting you lately. It's for a good cause.

I used to be a paid member.

I used to pay for my LJ-account. I did so gladly and it was worth it: $5 bought me two months of membership, hardly a big bite out of my budget. It's probably the only site I ever paid to be a member of. I think I was a paid member for over three years easily.

I stopped wanting to pay when the site was sold.

That was my strike. I did not renew my membership. And I rarely write here anymore.

Part of the reason LJ always had a free option was because a lot of volunteers worked to keep things running. I never volunteered, but I seriously considered it and I have great respect for all people who worked so hard for the LJ community in their spare time. A company now bought all those hours of volunteer work.

I don't know whether I should support a one-day boycot; I don't think wanting something for nothing is what the strike is about. People don't complain about things not being free, if you see how many paid members/ex-paid-members and permanent members are complaining.

I might pay again for LiveJournal in the future. I'm just not sure if I want to support this company with my money or my viewing of ads. I do miss those days when I started this journal back in 2002, after having had to wait for an invite, then sharing MY invites with others. When I was so excited about LJ that paying for it was the least I could do.

Things change.

My new-found psychic powers! ;)

I like magic. I was never a serious magician, though as a kid I was trying to learn for a while. I was a rather bad magician, and I make no illusions about that!

I always loved performing, and I am fascinated by weird stuff, especially religious and spiritual weird stuff. I love watching astro-tv, a Dutch infomercial-program where one of the three psychic hostesses does two-minute readings when she's not practically begging for someone to call, filling the time with fluff about how wonderful mediums/tarot/astrology etc. are or talking about the private line you can call anytime, as well as the text message service they offer. I do not know if these folks are genuinely psychic, but I have my reasons to doubt it.

Now, for some time I have been (metaphorically) drooling over a certain book, written by Ian Rowland. I finally got it for my birthday and it exceeds my expectations. Among other things it contains information on how to be able to perform as a psychic for entertainment. It's an informative and well-written book, I absolutely love it.

I need volunteers to practice, so if any of you wants me to do a reading, let me know.
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Onni is moving back to the girl who got him for me. She's a certified veterinarian who has a lot of rats, a couple of older males too. I'm a bit blue that I have to send him away, but it's for the best I guess. I can't take proper care of him and it's sad to have him live on his own.

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Onni (my surviving rat) has a large bump on one of his flanks. He also seems to have lost weight. I need to take him to the vet. Real soon.

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At last, good news from the studying department.

After my breakdown last week, I still managed to write something before Thursday, but not enough in my opinion. I went to the professor for my appointment yesterday, expecting to be told that it all needed to be faster and that I had not done what he had asked... but instead he told me I was doing quite well and should keep it up.

I was so relieved... today I am going to party :)

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Everything sucks. I am trying to work as hard as I can on my thesis and I still only manage to work between 0:00 and 4:00 am, I do shoddy work, I don't get it, I feel lonesome and desperate. I have to have the whole text analysed by thursday and I'll never for my life make it. I cannot concentrate for more than 10 minutes at a time. I feel so horrible I am sobbing. I cannot read the Japanese and the translation I have sucks. I feel like I am nothing more than a schoolchild just paraphrasing the book it's supposed to write a report on. I feel so miserable, so miserable.